BEST Value Capital Costs

  1. More usable real estate
    • Return 20% or more of usable space due to smaller equipment footprint and advanced aero-acoustical design
  2. Half the size
    • Reduced structural material costs
    • Reduced structural installation labor
    • Reduced crane costs
    • Reduced shipping costs
  3. Half the power
    • Reduced electrical infrastructure
    • Reduced emergency generator size
  4. Half the sound
    • No sound attenuators needed
    • Locate AHU over shaftSlide2
    • No roof ductwork
    • Increased Architectural efficiency
  5. Fastest Time to Completion
    • Smaller equipment sizes
    • Accelerated design schedules
    • Prefabrication and pre-commisioning
    • No roof ductwork needed
  6. Equipment costs equal to others
    • Our equipment saves even more through integration with overall design elements


BEST Value Operations

  1. Additional Usable Space
    • Typical Hi-Rise requires 4-6 floors for the Mechanical Room
    • BEST Technology utilizes 1/2 of one floor
    • Additional 100,000 sqft+ of lease able space available
  2. Reduced Energy Usage
    • Save half the fan power costs with BEST AHU
    • Save approximately $1 per year per CFM by using BEST AHUs (24 hour load in CA)
    • Smart Air Valve saves an additional $0.33 per year per CFM
    • Smart Air Valve saves refrigeration energy also due to reduced outside air requirements on design days
    • Models available with advanced energy monitoring equipment incorporated
  3. Reduced Maintenance Costs
    • Models available that require only one shutdown per year
  4. Indoor Environmental Quality
    • Reduced acoustic levels
    • Models available with high performance no-bypass filter frames for clean applications


BEST UPGRADE Asset Upgrade Financing

  1. No Financial Burden
    • BEST will upgrade your facility with no negative cash flows
    • Replace HVAC system with ultra-energy efficient BEST Technology
    • BEST will finance the tenant improvements for the added space
    • Return 20% or more of usable space for additional lease revenue
  2. Costs for BEST Upgrade
    • Owner pays no out of pocket expense for HVAC /Tenant improvement upgrade
    • Owner pays reduced electrical bills
    • Additional monthly lease income
    • Depreciable asset
    • Reduced Life cycle costs

The Miniaturization of HVAC Has Arrived