The Shape of Silent Efficiency Harnessing the Silent Cyclone

HIGH PERFORMANCE BUILDINGS ARE NOW A REALITY AT AN ECONOMICAL COST with BEST TECHNOLOGY’S disruptive HVAC INFRASTRUCTURE. In most cases buildings are upgraded for FREE THROUGH ADDITIONAL MONTHLY POSITIVE CASH FLOWS based on the payback from supplementary leasable floor space attained through the retrofit, energy savings and ROI. The HIGH PERFORMANCE BUILDING’s NET WORTH IS AUGMENTED. Our ”SMART DEVICES” and “HIGH PERFORMANCE SYSTEMS” save a substantial amount of energy, offer space saving compact footprints, are acoustically superior, Green, qualify for LEED points while streamlining Building Automation System network architecture with built in advanced analytics.

ADD VALUE & MITIGATE RISK WITH BEST’s PRE-FABRICATED “PLUG AND PLAY” MECHANICAL SYSTEMS MODULES which drive down installation costs, overall project costs, reduces time to completion of buildings, offers single source responsibility and streamlines Building utilities systems architecture. Vertical channels include Hi-rise, Data Centers, Life Science/Pharma, Education, Health Care, cleanrooms, government and general HVAC systems including retrofit and new construction.

ARF4ADVANCED AERO-ACOUSTICS WITH STYLISH SIMPLICITY is achieved by our engineering team, led by a former MIT Professor of acoustical physics; one of the world’s foremost experts on Aero Acoustics and stability of fluid flows. Our team has productized technologies which improve the building infrastructure’s responsiveness to dynamic loads in real time, as well as optimize energy efficiency and acoustics with advanced analytics. RADICALLY DIFFERENT, YET SIMPLISTIC with 40 years of advanced computational fluid dynamics research coupled with biomimicry and progressive analytics HAS BEEN commercialized to offer the next generation of cost effective, highly disruptive SMART HVAC INFRASTRUCTURE. Our “Smart Devices” coupled with our advanced analytics offer substantial savings through reduced energy consumption, equipment footprints, and acoustics while promoting Green, LEED points, and federal tax credits while delivering the highest ROI available.

Automotive2INCREASE YOUR BOTTOM LINE WITH THE HIGHEST ROI and disrupt a mature industry through improved high performance building technology infrastructure. In addition to conventional sales channels, BEST is a strategic collaborator with larger companies in our industry sector, ensuring the product portfolios go to market rapidly through various channels and premier brand names. This allows the building owner additional flexibility and choices for retrofit and new construction.

ADVANCED HYDRONICS AND PRE-FABRICATED MECHANICAL ROOMS further reduce capital expenditures such as installation costs, overall project costs, construction timelines, life cycle costs while streamlining building utilities and control systems architecture. Best Technology engineers and integrates multiple utilities into a common Modular Utility infrastructure. All utilities may be enclosed in a single, modular footprint, or specific utilities can be internally divided into their own compartment. Utilities are classified as: HVAC water, domestic water, fire protection, power, and others. Equipment includes chillers, pumps, heat recovery, cooling towers, boilers, DX and much more. Designed as fully modular custom equipment up to 100,000 lbs., Modular Plants easily split into sections for shipment and reattachment in the field. We are able to optimize the air side and hydronic systems commensurately offering superior performance, single source factory responsibility with an optimal ROI and increasing the customer’s bottom line.

Automotive6SPACE SAVING FOOTPRINTS PROVIDE ARCHITECTS AND OWNERS FLEXIBILITY WITH BEST TECHNOLOGY’s HIGH PERFORMANCE HVAC INFRASTRUCTURE provides unprecedented benefits for many market applications, including Retrofits, Data Centers, Hi- rise and Low-rise office buildings, Life Science/Pharma, Education, Health Care, Clean rooms and Mission Critical facilities along with general HVAC systems. Our flexible systems allow the end user and architect to configure the HVAC infrastructure per their requirements and not the other way around. Our performance contracting services will upgrade entire facilities to high performance buildings with no out of pocket cash flow, delivering more energy efficiency and more usable space with a POSITIVE BOTTOM LINE IMPACT.
Automotive1CHILLED ONE DROP AT A TIME with our ADVANCED PROCESS CHILLERS, HEAT EXCHANGERS and DX REFRIGERATION – Best Technology custom designs, engineers, manufacturers process chillers and heat exchangers for any custom application. Each of our units are tailor made to meet the specialized demands of mission critical facilities such as the semi-conductor, electronic, biotech, data, research facilities and pharma industries. Our designs are efficient, reliable, technologically innovative and utmost cost effective solutions for the most complex applications. We offer compressor type systems, liquid-to-liquid heat exchangers and liquid-to-air ambient cooling systems with various types of refrigerants including non-halogenated.


BEST Technology Strategy

Adding value by capturing common HVAC energy losses 

  1. BEST has commercialized over 40 years of advanced aero-acoustical fluid dynamics research coupled with smart building controls to usher in the next generation of extremely innovative and efficient HVAC systems.
  2. Our ”Smart Devices” focus on harvesting commonly lost energy to save significant lifecycle costs and usable real estate with improved acoustics.
  3. We are a technology company offering sustainable, innovative, LEED point and tax credit qualifying products to improve the HVAC industry.
  4. Applications include Data Centers, Life Science, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, High Rises, Airports, Education, Health Care, Industrial, and general HVAC systems for both commercial and residential, retrofit and new construction.

-“If anyone does it better, we’ll change our name”

BEST Advanced Technologies

Applying Uncommon Technologies for Unprecedented Efficiencies…

  1. Axial Fans Tailored for High Performance Buildings
  2. Static Pressure Regain
  3. Efficient Airflow Bending Technologies
  4. Advanced Aeroacoustical Fluid Dynamics
  5. Advanced Refrigeration Systems
  6. Advanced Building Automation and Control Strategies
  7. Low Velocity Airflow Control
  8. Minimum Pressure Drop Flow Measurement
  9. Smart Technologies for Maximum Efficiency
  10. Advanced American Manufacturing Techniques


The BEST AHU Formula

BEST technology offers reduced energy usage, smaller sizes, and increased design flexibility.

Axial Fan Mechanical Efficiency averaged over full range of fan sizes:
0.19 BHP per kcfm-inch (DTP)

Delta total pressure (DTP) is the difference between the total pressures measured at BEST AHU fan inlet and discharge excluding coils and filters.

This equation applies to BEST AHUs from 7500 to 230,000 CFM.

BEST AHU efficiencies result from retaining all the energy of the air velocity without losing it to turbulence that results from imperfect system effects.

Example – 10,000 cfm @ 2” TP = 10 x 2 x .19 = 3.8 BHP