Upgrade your HVAC System for FREE with monthly positive cash flow and energy rebates

A recent report by MBRE found that average combined tax and operating expenses have already hit a six-year high of $14.24 per square-foot, an increase of 3.7% since 2012. Class A expenses hit $16.67 and classes B and C were at $11.88.
74% of US Commercial Buildings were built before 1989
93% of commercial stock was built before 2003

HIGH PERFORMANCE BUILDINGS ARE NOW A REALITY AT AN ECONOMICAL COST with BEST TECHNOLOGY’S disruptive HVAC INFRASTRUCTURE. In most cases buildings are upgraded for FREE THROUGH ADDITIONAL MONTHLY POSITIVE CASH FLOWS based on the payback from supplementary leasable floor space attained through the retrofit, energy savings and ROI. The HIGH PERFORMANCE BUILDING’s NET WORTH IS AUGMENTED. Our ”SMART DEVICES” and “HIGH PERFORMANCE SYSTEMS” save a substantial amount of energy, offer space saving compact footprints, are acoustically superior, Green, qualify for LEED points while streamlining Building Automation System network architecture with built in advanced analytics.

ADD VALUE & MITIGATE RISK WITH BEST’s PRE-FABRICATED “PLUG AND PLAY” MECHANICAL SYSTEMS MODULES which drive down installation costs, overall project costs, reduce time to completion of buildings, offers single source responsibility and streamlines Building utilities systems architecture. Vertical channels include Hi-rise, Data Centers, Life Science/Pharma, Education, Health Care, cleanrooms, government and general HVAC systems including retrofit and new construction.

BEST Systems building retrofit = Positive Monthly Cash Flow


  • ZERO out pocket expense for HVAC upgrade
  • You gain lucrative additional revenue streams with extra floor space and energy reduction
  • BEST Systems maximizes profit and ROI with the least capital costs
  • BEST Systems cut HVAC energy in half
  • BEST Systems take up much less floor space
  • BEST Systems have the best acoustics
  • Plug & Play -BEST Systems are pre-fabricated at the factory
  • Fastest time to completion
  • Lowest overall installed cost
  • Lowest life cycle costs
  • Highest ROI

With BEST Technology Air leaves the thermal transfer units at low velocities and is gradually accelerated as it passes through the silencing section without experiencing the dynamic losses found in conventional systems.

This improves fluid flow, controls turbulence and reduces HP. The aero-acoustical fan conical discharge minimizes fluid flow separation. This reduces noise generation and virtually eliminates the impact loss normally experienced from the reduction in velocity of the air discharging from the annulus of an axial fan wheel into the air distribution system.

BEST Technology is ideally suited for many retrofit applications. The pressure characteristics and flow range offer flexibility far beyond centrifugal fans with space saving designs. The vfd provides the ability to match the optimum operating RPM, to the peak load and off peak load, guarantees quiet and extremely efficient performance.

The end result is energy savings in a compact footprint with enhanced acoustics. In most cases valuable real estate which was used previously for the mechanical rooms is given back for usable space.

High Performance Building with the lowest operating costs
Approximately $100m in additional 20 year leasing revenue
About $550K/year in energy savings

BEST Technology
Hi_Rise1At 500 West Monroe, only one mechanical room supplied all 45 stories with 1,000,000 CFM, using only 1/45 of the building’s occupiable space.
Conventional HVAC
At the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, four floors in each of two towers are filled by mechanical equipment, 1/10 of the building’s rentable space.
Your building is only profitable when occupied by tenants.HVAC EQUIPMENT DOESN’T PAY RENTWith BEST Technology, your building will be more valuable because of the additional rentable space as well as significant energy performance improvements.Both of these Chicago buildings contain one million square feet of space. At 500 West Monroe (left), the developer used BEST Technology for the 45 story skyscraper, while the building on the right utilizes conventional equipment for the 40 story towers.

Hi_Rise5 Hi_Rise6


175 W. Jackson Blvd; Chicago, IL


  • 1.6M sq ft Class A office space, 22 story
  • 1912  Designed by the renowned D. H. Burnham and Company, who laid so much of the foundation for Chicago’s unique architectural style.
  • Floor by floor mechanical rooms were removed to provide additional leasable square footage
  • Renovated with new rooftop air handling units with 4000 fpm duct risers and custom designed riser system utilizing Aeroacoustical Recovery Transitions
  • Achieved Energy Star Certificate
  • Additional monthly revenue stream based on additional leasable office space from removing large mechanical rooms located on each floor


Confidential Client – Upgrade/Conversion Commercial Building to Hotel


When a developer wanted to change a building from office to a hotel, twice the outside air volume was needed but the mechanical room space was already very limited. Existing HVAC system provided 28,000 CFM AHU using 20 hp.

  • BEST designed a 48,000 CFM 25 HP AHU to fit in the exact same footprint as the existing 28,000 cfm 20 hp AHU.
  • BEST Technology supported the NC 35 acoustical requirement to provide more seating locations with desirable indoor environmental quality and comfortable ambient sound levels.
  • The BEST AHU shipped pre-fabricated “Plug and Play” with factory installed piping and pre-programmed analytics. Required one crane lift and was installed in the fastest time to completion.
  • BEST Technology was the only manufacturer able to meet the client’s demands within project constraints, and was the key factor that made this upscale hotel retrofit financially feasible.
  • Alternative was to put the AHU on the roof which would’ve cost substantially more, taking away usable space from the building, and taking more time to retrofit building. The owner avoided a structurally reinforce roof, roof ductwork, additional duct risers in the buildings, higher energy costs, and higher peak energy demand charges, and gained comfort and operational reliability.

Northern Trust — Chicago, IL


  • 33,000 CFM AHU with 4 DX coils, 4 face dampers replaced 15,000 cfm unit that occupied the same footprint
  • Designed for high turndown down and optimum energy efficiency
  • DX coils are de-energized sequentially with associated face dampers to enable the substantial turn down ratios
  • Versatile and economical retrofit provided essential benefits of space compatibility, reduced energy usage, and operational flexibility


Retrofit — Underfloor/Chilled Beam

Chicago Board of Trade: 141 W Jackson Street – Chicago, IL


  • Built in 1930, and recognized in National Register of Historic Places in 1978
  • Building underwent an extensive $20 million renovation
  • Installed underfloor system air columns on the Chicago Mercantile trading floor

Superior Ambulance HQ – Elmhurst, IL

  • 5 underfloor air columns
  • 60% reduction in fan HP
  • Space saving compact design

Ottawa High School – Ottawa, IL


  • Custom 30,000 cfm AHU
  • Ultra quiet design
  • 58% fan hp reduction
  • 52% smaller than original design


Massachusetts Institute of Technology — Cambridge, MA

  • Specially designed retrofit units for MIT Academic building
  • Compact custom design AHUs were made to fit on elevator
  • Each AHU delivered 5600 cfm at 4 “ TP using 4.2 BHP
  • Acoustically superior performance without added sound attenuators to support an NC 35 environment


Positive monthly cash flow with no upfront capital when upgrading your building to a