Parking Structure


Additional Parking Spaces = More Income

BEST is ideal for maximizing space and giving back valuable ADDITIONAL PARKING SPACES.

Airports1BEST Technology’s advanced aero-acoustical technology uses approximately 60% less floor space than conventional systems with ultimate quiet operation of an NC-35 in the space without mechanical room enclosures and approximately a 50% fan hp reduction.

The unique and innovative design produces results that are superior to those achieved by the application of conventional systems, reducing noise levels, internal pressure drops and energy.

Opera Plaza Parking Garage – San Francisco, CA


  • 180,000 CFM supply and 130,000 CFM of Fan towers installed
  • 14 additional parking spaces valued at $20,000 each per year
  • Reduced Energy consumption by 57%
  • Reduced Construction Costs and Construction time
  • Silent operation & low vibration for better owner comfort
  • Prefabricated mechanical assemblies for rapid installations.

(Left – as originally designed. Right – with BEST Technology)