Mission Critical Facilities


  • Critical facilities are only as good as their least reliable utility system.
  • BEST provides the most efficient, most silent, and most vibration free and extended life HVAC systems.
  • Space saving technology conserves valuable real estate in penthouses, mechanical rooms and roofs.
  • Models are available that minimize maintenance requirements and shut downs for improved facility uptime.
  • Prefabricated “Plug & Play” assemblies and smaller equipment sizes minimize installation timelines.

IBM Almaden Research Center – San Jose, CA

  • 12,000 CFM AHU units for special subatomic laser labs with zero vibration and NC -15

clean_room3Particle Measuring Systems – Boulder, CO

  • (4) 80,000 CFM AHUs were installed in vibration free lab.

National Bureau of Standards – Boulder, CO

  • A 60,000 CFM AHU was installed saving half of the fan power on a vibration free installation.

Classified Federal Client


  • Top secret mission critical facility
  • Pre manufactured units in various geometric configurations
  • Extremely low vibration and acoustical tolerances
  • Distinct temperature and flow tolerances
  • Special Flow stability riser system

Classified Communication Facility

  • Special space constraints
  • Acoustically enhanced NC- 20 requirement
  • Low Vibration specification
  • Special discharge labyrinths for fluid flow stabilization

FBI Regional headquarters: 2111 W Roosevelt – Chicago, IL


  • Platinum LEED certification
  • 1,000,000 cfm custom designed HVAC system
  • Floors above ground and below ground
  • Technology delivered the ROI desired
  • ENERGY STAR score kept going up while the utility bills kept going down.

Classified Mission Critical Facility


  • Several custom made units in various geometric configurations and compact footprint
  • Acoustically enhanced low vibration
  • Special built in fail safe features and redundancy
  • Saves construction costs and durations through factory commissioning and just in time deliveries