Medium Rise


HIGH PERFORMANCE BUILDINGS ARE NOW A REALITY AT AN ECONOMICAL COST with BEST TECHNOLOGY’S disruptive HVAC INFRASTRUCTURE. In most cases buildings are upgraded for FREE THROUGH ADDITIONAL MONTHLY POSITIVE CASH FLOWS based on the payback from supplementary leasable floor space attained through the retrofit, energy savings and ROI. The HIGH PERFORMANCE BUILDING’s NET WORTH IS AUGMENTED. Our ”SMART DEVICES” and “HIGH PERFORMANCE SYSTEMS” save a substantial amount of energy, offer space saving compact footprints, are acoustically superior, Green, qualify for LEED points while streamlining Building Automation System network architecture with built in advanced analytics.

ADD VALUE & MITIGATE RISK WITH BEST’s PRE-FABRICATED “PLUG AND PLAY” MECHANICAL SYSTEMS MODULES which drive down installation costs, overall project costs, reduce time to completion of buildings, offers single source responsibility and streamlines Building utilities systems architecture.

  • BEST Systems increase your cash flow revenue stream
  • BEST Systems take up less space and give the owner back more leasable area for highest ROI
  • BEST Systems save energy
  • BEST Systems are acoustically superior
  • Best Systems are pre fabricated and “Plug & Play”
  • BEST Systems have the lowest installed cost
  • BEST systems have the lowest life cycle costs

Case Study


Michigan’s Southfield Town Center is a cluster of five interconnected Medium rise buildings forming a contemporary 2,200,000 square feet office complex

  • Several 100,000 – 200,000 CFM systems installed
  • Up discharge units installed at basement at the bottom of duct shafts
  • Allows for additional rentable space in same building footprint by replacing roof top equipment to gain additional floor space
  • 60% additional energy savings verses other baseline buildings
  • 4000 – 6000 fpm duct risers with specially designed advanced Aeroacoustic Recovery Transitions (ART) allow VAV boxes to be located close to shafts with improved acoustics



A Breakthrough in HVAC Technology