Low Rise


  • BEST Technology provides versatile HVAC systems tailored to tall building applications
  • BEST Systems increase the owner’s cash flow revenue stream
  • BEST Systems take up less space and give back usable space for highest ROI
  • BEST Systems reduce energy costs significantly like no other systems can
  • BEST Systems are acoustically superior
  • Best Systems are pre fabricated and “Plug & Play”
  • BEST Systems have the lowest installed cost
  • BEST systems have the lowest life cycle costs

Copley Place – Boston, MA

Low_Rise2 Adv_Air_Handling14

  • BEST CTO installed the “Model T” version in 1985
  • (8) 70,000 CFM Rooftop AHUs installed and still in use
  • 6000 fpm reduced size hi-flow riser design returns significant rentable space
  • Over 30 years of reliable operation required only 3 motor replacements
  • BEST is updating the AHUs with our next generation fan technology for an additional 30 year increased life cycle giving the units a 60 year total life!!!

Liberty Mutual – New Jersey, CA


  • 6 story building originally designed with a 240 sq ft mechanical room serving each floor
  • (6) 10,000 CFM systems using 30 hp each instead of 63 hp
  • Space Gain system was so quiet that Liberty Mutual was able to install a standard lay-in acoustical ceiling in each mechanical room
  • BEST systems reduced mechanical equipment footprint and returned an additional 14,440 square feet of leasable space for additional offices and conference room

Raytheon – Northboro, MA

  • 22,000 CFM AHU s were installed in this facility requiring 20 hp instead of 49 hp with approximately 50% less space requirements for the HVAC equipment.

Lucky Penny Casino – Central City, CO

  • Two 200,000 CFM AHUs
  • 56% fan hp reduction
  • 40% less space
  • NC – 40

Arnsbacher Bank – Grand Cayman Island

  • 36,000 CFM acoustically enhanced AHU
  • 54% fan hp savings
  • NC- 35 in space
  • 50% space savings

Providence Convention Center – Providence, RI

  • Maximized energy efficiency, reliability, acoustics, and efficient usage of space
  • Multiple 60,000 – 100,000 cfm systems
  • 52% fan energy savings