Health Care

healthcare1BEST Technology stabilizes fluid flow, controls turbulence and reduces HP. The aero-acoustical fan conical discharge minimizes fluid flow separation. This reduces noise generation and virtually eliminates the impact loss normally experienced from the reduction in velocity of the air discharging from the annulus of an axial fan wheel into the air distribution system.

The pressure characteristics and flow range offer flexibility far beyond centrifugal fans. The vfd provides the ability to match the optimum operating RPM, to the peak load and off peak load, guarantees quiet and extremely efficient performance for Healthcare applications.

  • BEST provides the most efficient, quietest, most vibration free and extended life HVAC systems.
  • Reliable, flexible, space and power efficient systems.
  • Space saving technology stretches valuable real estate in penthouses, mechanical rooms and roofs.
  • Models are available that minimize maintenance requirements for greatly enhanced facility uptime.
  • Prefabricated assemblies and smaller equipment sizes minimize installation timelines.

Case Studies

Mount Sinai Hospital – Miami, FL


  • (4) 120,000 CFM units installed

St. David’s Healthcare Offices – Philadelphia, PA


  • (6) 80,000 CFM units installed

Baptist Hospital – Montgomery, AL


  • (4) 60,000 cfm units installed