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data_center1DIAMOS: Datacenter Integrated Air Movement Optimized Solutions

  • We provide the BEST solution for data centers.
  • As facilities transition to higher cold deck temperatures, more air for economizing is needed.
  • Power and structural limitations are not a problem for BEST retrofits.
  • Structural, electrical, and other infrastructure savings provide more IT space for the same cost.
  • Modular datacenter solutions are available that maximize reliability without the noise.
  • AHUs with economizers, DX, evaporative cooling, and chilled water coils along with exhaust fans and recirculation cooling units maximize energy efficiency and drive down PUEs.
  • Large datacenters of 50,000 sq ft require 5 megawatts of power, and 750,000 CFM supply air, and many are much larger.
  • Each million CFM installed saves approximately a megawatt of power.
  • BEST PUEs are dropping like never before.
  • Conductive and non-conducting cooling
  • Your imagination can now become reality


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  • Redesigned a new data center while on the drawing board with huge benefits
  • The completely redesigned HVAC system saves over 100 megawatts/yr and provides an additional 20% increase in usable IT equipment space.
  • During design rework, significant real estate was returned for IT equipment by reducing the amount of fans and shrinking mechanical rooms to half their original sizes.
  • Additional capital cost savings resulted from less HVAC equipment, smaller electrical infrastructure, smaller emergency generator, and fewer controls connections.
  • 250,000 cfm 84% efficient fans with N + 1 redundancy coupled
  • Specially designed aero-acoustical air entrainment delivery systems
  • Responsive utility load infrastructure
  • General exhaust applications
  • BEST 65,000 CFM exhaust fans using 25 hp replaced 65 hp fans from the original design, saving 400,000 kw-hrs/yr. per fan
  • General exhaust applications

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  • Pre-fabricated Mechanical structure with highest density Data Bays
  • Highest density data storage with enhanced air entrainment fluid flow
  • Laid out 816,480 drives on 3 levels, 3 bays/level, 2 rows/bay, 27 racks/row
  • Airflow diversity of 10 drives per air entrainment path
  • 816,480 drives/fan room
  • Air path of 80 F cold bay to 110 F hot bay through racks
  • Lowest PUE of any system
  • Responsive technology based on real load requirements
  • Low profile environment facade

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  • Re-circulating sensible cooling tower systems
  • Specially designed fluid dynamic flow pattern
  • N + 1 Redundancy
  • Substantial space savings – NC- 50 at fan tower requiring no enclosures around the fan tower
  • 48% energy savings

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Recirculating units with BEST technology

  • 10,000 – 40,000 cfm recirculating sensible cooling units
  • Reduced hp by 40%
  • Compact design allowed for additional air movement at reduced HP/sqft
  • Various geometric shapes based on space constraints and configurations
  • Distinctly balanced responsive air entrainment modules

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  • CRAC unit replacements
  • 40 ton 16,000 cfm 6 BHP retrofit unit to fit in 4 foot x 4 foot footprint
  • Gave back 60% additional floor space per CRAC unit replacement for additional data storage.
  • Approximately 65% hp consumption.
  • Specially designed fluid flow transitions to equalize air entrainment patterns and stabilize fluid flow at unit discharge

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  • Distinctive conductive cooling modules for Racks in various geometric space constraints
  • Specially designed air entrainment modules for flow stability equalization over IT equipment
  • Responsive type system varying with dynamic load fluctuations



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adv_process_chillers4BEST Technology used to cool mission critical server rooms that had to be less than 55 DBA. The capacity was 110 tons with an internal pressure drop of 20 PSI at 200 GPM, and it required a temperature stability of ±2°F.

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adv_process_chillers5Data Center heat exchanger chiller specific requirements included a chilled water range of 42°F to 56°F, an outlet temperature of 64°F (±2°), and a flow rate of 6 GPM to 55 GPM, using a HFE 7100 coolant fluid. Using standard tools for the 100% copper piping and the mounting components, we created a heat exchanger measuring 19″ wide, 57.18″ high, and 29.76″ deep. The unit we created had multiple high-tech monitoring capabilities, and its many beneficial features included fans to reduce clean room heat load and power supply heat transference to the house water system in lieu of hot air.

Type: Integrated Heat Exchanger Water Cooled Chiller
Customer: Confidential
Manufactured: 14 Unitsadv_process_chillers8
 adv_process_chillers6 adv_process_chillers7
 Type: Heat Exchanger
Customer: Confidential
Manufactured: 125 Units
 adv_process_chillers9  adv_process_chillers10