Clean Rooms


  • The compact and innovative design of the fan tower achieves results that are superior to those achieved by the application of conventional systems, reducing noise levels, internal pressure drops and energy.
  • The filters and coils are located above the fan tower and can be used in various discharge configurations – down discharge, up discharge and horizontal discharge.
  • The coils/filters can be configured as 4 sided, 3 sided, 2 sided and single sided.
  • The Exhaust Fan Tower product line is quiet and energy efficient. Therefore no mechanical room enclosure is required for the fan tower section thus saving valuable floor space.
  • Typical fan efficiencies operate at 84% with approximately 90% regain of velocity pressure.
  • The aero-acoustical fan conical discharge minimizes fluid flow separation. This improves fluid flow, controls turbulence and reduces HP requirements. This reduces noise generation and virtually eliminates the impact losses normally resulting from the turbulent wake at the annulus of an axial fan wheel.
  • The discharge labyrinth can be configured at various angles depending on the application for proper discharge flow equilibrium stability.
  • Prefabricated hydronic systems and entire factory commissioned mechanical rooms for accelerated schedules.

IBM Almaden Research Center – San Jose, CA

  • 12,000 CFM units for special sub atomic laser labs
  • Zero vibration and NC 15

Particle Measuring Systems – Boulder, CO

  • Class 100 and class 1000 clean rooms
  • (4) 90,000 CFM units
  • Vibration free lab.
  • Less than NC -40

National Bureau of Standards – Boulder, CO

  • Class 1000 clean room
  • A 60,000 CFM unit was installed saving half of the fan power on a vibration free installation.

Abbot Labs/Advanced Cardiovascular Systems – Santa Clara, CA


  • Class 1000 Clean room
  • (8) 40,000 CFM units installed requiring 60% less HP than original design
  • NC – 40 requiring no mechanical enclosure or sound attenuation is not needed

MIT Cleanroom – Boston, MA

  • (16) 35,000 CFM units were installed in saving half of the fan power.

Sanders – Nashua, MA

  • A total of 1,000,000 CFM of equipment installed in two phases.
  • Class 100 and 1000
  • Less than NC-60 for ultra quiet operation

Seagate – Minneapolis, MN

  • Class 100 clean room
  • (24) 15,000 CFM units installed saving half the fan power and freeing up usable space.