Automotive plants have demanding Infrastructure requirements and their own set of stringent industry codes. Massive amounts of air are required to be cooled and circulated economically. BEST TECHNOLOGY packaged plants are a combination of different types of chillers and pumping systems for chilled water and condenser water systems.  Chiller plants are classified as small, medium, or large tonnage systems and include associated pumping and control systems.

Designed for singular and modular arrangements, they easily split into sections for shipment and reattachment in the field.  A standard unit can include single or multiple power feeds.  It also includes controls and ancillary plant devices such as lighting, convenience outlets and house HVAC. BEST technology can provide cooling tower structure, chemical treatment, and fire protection on any packaged chiller plant we build.

BEST TECHNOLOGY advanced aero-acoustical technology allows for innovative high volume air flow movement designs in various space saving geometric configurations at reduced energy consumption and superior acoustics.

BEST Technology designs and manufactures complete modular “Plug and Play” solutions tailored specifically for the automotive industry offering a panorama of innovative cost-effective solutions for HVAC and process cooling such as:

  • Pre-fabricated mechanical rooms, modules, heat recovery and process chillers.
  • Single source responsibility with Integrated project delivery
  • Indirect evaporative cooling with demineralized water and heat recovery for outside
  • Air treatment
  • Variable geometry and smart air distribution devices for production area ventilation
  • Advanced smart VAV systems for office areas
  • Large capacity DX systems for cooling retrofit
  • High precision HVAC control for metrology rooms
  • Variable flow chilled water plants with hydraulic decoupling and heat recovery for
  • Re-heat and sanitary hot water production.
  • Pre-piped Variable-flow cooling tower systems for air-conditioning and process needs
  • Advanced high performance Aero-Acoustical flow moving devices in space saving geometric configurations with advanced analytics.

Confidential Client — General Exhaust


  • (6) 150,000 CFM Advanced aero acoustical Systems
  • 50% fan HP reduction
  • Compact Footprint
  • Applications include diesel generators, electrical rooms, and general exhaust

General Motors


  • Large Tonnage Modular Chiller Plant
  • 20 weeks – design to install
  • Customer determined major equipment vendors
  • Pre-fabricated and shipped “Plug and Play”
  • Complete electrical switchgear
  • Highly efficient variable primary chilled water system
  • PLC HVAC based controls
  • Condenser piping system
  • Cooling towers mounted next to or on top of the chiller plant
  • Complete integration to plant facility management via Lon or BACnet
  • 3D CAD modeling for direct integration

Confidential Client — 5,200 Ton Modular Chiller Plant


  • 20 weeks – design, procure, manufacture, and install
  • 90 % of Chiller plant manufactured off-site and dropped into place quickly
  • Full power distribution
  • All piping and valves include grooved pipe for easy connections.
  • All electrical runs are in easy access cable trays. Large control valves are accessible in piping from the floor.