• Space saving technology stretches valuable real estate in penthouses, mechanical rooms and roofs.
  • Models are available that minimize maintenance requirements for greatly enhanced facility uptime.
  • Prefabricated mechanical assemblies for expedited installations.
  • The filters and coils are located above the fan tower and can be used in various discharge configurations – down discharge, up discharge and horizontal discharge. The coils/filters can be configured as 4 sided, 3 sided, 2 sided and single sided.
  • The Exhaust Fan Tower product line is extremely quite and energy efficient. Therefore no enclosure is required for the fan tower section thus saving valuable floor space.
  • Typical fan efficiencies operate at 84% efficient With approximately 90% re-gain recovery of velocity pressure.
  • The aero-acoustical fan conical discharge minimizes fluid flow separation. This improves fluid flow, controls turbulence and reduces HP.
  • This reduces noise generation and virtually eliminates the impact loss normally experienced from the reduction in velocity of the air discharging from the annulus of an axial fan wheel into the air distribution system.
  • The discharge labyrinth can be configured at various angles depending on the application.

American Airlines – Miami, FL

  • (8) 60,000 CFM fan towers installed 20 hp each
  • Fan towers were installed in columns in between floors due to low acoustics

American Airlines – San Juan, Puerto Rico

  • (10) 150,000 CFM AHUs installed