Asset Infrastructure Upgrade ROI

HVAC Equipment Doesn’t Pay Rent

Accomplish facility infrastructure upgrades with no up-front capital through energy savings, additional floor space and increased asset value of your new HIGH PERFORMANCE BUILDING.

Value Proposition for Developers and Owners
Positive monthly cash flow with no upfront capital when upgrading your building to a HIGH PERFORMANCE BUILDING

  • BEST TECHNOLOGY’s performance contracting services will upgrade entire facilities to high performance buildings with no out of pocket cash flow, delivering better energy efficiency, enhanced acoustics and more usable space with a POSITIVE BOTTOM LINE IMPACT.
  • BEST TECHNOLOGY’s flexible Infrastructure allow the end user and architect to configure their HVAC systems per their requirements and not the other way around.
  • BEST TECHNOLOGY’s SPACE SAVING FOOTPRINTS PROVIDE ARCHITECTS AND OWNERS FLEXIBILITY as Our HIGH PERFORMANCE HVAC INFRASTRUCTURE provide unprecedented benefits for many market applications, including Retrofits, Data Centers, Hi- rise and Low-rise office buildings, Life Science/Pharma, Education, Health Care, Clean rooms, Government and Mission Critical facilities along with general HVAC systems.
  • No cost upgrades for significantly increased asset value while augmenting your BOTTOM LINE.
  • Turn your Building into a HIGH PERFORMANCE BUILDING by Improving energy efficiency, occupant comfort and additional rentable space with no upfront capital investment.
  • BEST TECHNOLOGY provides the utmost efficient, quietest, most vibration free and extended life HVAC systems.
  • BEST TECHNOLOGY will finance your facility’s HVAC system and tenant improvements while you enjoy net positive cash flow from day 1 – NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENDITURES NEEDED.
  • ADVANCED HYDRONICS AND PRE-FABRICATED MECHANICAL ROOMS further reduce capital expenditures such as installation costs, overall project costs, construction timelines, life cycle costs while streamlining building utilities and control systems architecture.
  • BEST TECHNOLOGY engineers and integrates multiple utilities into a common Modular Utility infrastructure. All utilities may be enclosed in a single, modular footprint, or specific utilities can be internally divided into their own compartment.
  • Utilities are classified as: HVAC water, domestic water, fire protection, power, and others. Equipment includes chillers, pumps, heat recovery, cooling towers, boilers, DX and much more.
  • Designed as fully modular custom equipment up to 100,000 lbs., Modular Plants easily split into sections for shipment and reattachment in the field. We are able to optimize the air side and hydronic systems commensurately offering superior performance, single source factory responsibility with an optimal ROI and increasing the customer’s bottom line.


Example: Existing Occupied Commercial Building


  • Existing Building: 1.7 M sq ft, 48 floors (35,000 sq ft/floor) with lease costs of $5 – $10/sq ft/mo
  • Typical building requires 4 – 5 floors for the HVAC equipment
  • BEST Technologies typically requires only ½ of one floor for the entire mechanical room.
  • BEST Technologies typically reduces the HVAC energy footprint by up to 60%
  • BEST Technologies will re-create your building to a HIGH PERFORMANCE BUILDING with no out of pocket money and increase your BOTTOM LINE.
  • BEST technology finances the HVAC upgrade for energy savings, and facility improvements for more rentable space.
  • Owner pays BEST $700,000/month for 5 years:
    • BEST TECHNOLOGY UPGRADES THE HVAC INFRASTRUCTURE including the building automation controls transforming it into a HIGH PERFORMANCE BUILDING.
    • An additional 128,000 sq ft of rentable space is gained
      • At $8/sq ft/month, this provides a potential revenue increase of $1,024,000/month (over $12,000,000/year).
      • A MONTHLY POSITIVE CASH FLOW of $300,000 ($700k paid to BEST – $1,024,000 additional monthly income) is generated for the building owner.
      • At the end of 5 years the lease is bought out for $1.00 and the POSITIVE MONTHLY INCOME STREAM increases to $1,000,000 per month.
      • The occupant comfort is dramatically increased with BEST Technologies SMART TECHNOLOGY.
      • The energy usage is substantially reduced.
    • BEST Energy efficient HVAC system providing 2,125,000 CFM and 4250 tons of cooling
      • BEST Technology saves $717,000/year of simple electrical kw-hr costs, and even more if peak reductions are included which is often a substantial portion of the overall utility bill.
      • At $0.12/kw-hr for a building that operates 12 hours per weekday, the total fan power electricity costs will be $1,434,000 per year not including peak demand charges.

CAD drawing of building located in Downtown Chicago

½ of one floor is used for the mechanical room

Energy star certified

  • Quote from the building management staff:
    “Unsurpassed Comfort & Air Quality – State-of-the-art HVAC system ensures optimal working conditions and employee productivity. Heating and cooling performance exceeds any other office building in the CBD. Superior indoor air quality maintained at all times”


HVAC Equipment Doesn’t Pay Rent